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Internal mixer mode in Rekordbox

Any chance to allow Pioneer mixers like DJM 250/450/750/850/T1 to use the internal mixer mode in Rekordbox?

Like DJM-T1 this mixer is set to internal mode and works fine with other DJ software products.

It would be very helpfull to let the user decide if such mixers are used in internal or external mode.

Disadvantage of the external mode is the missing AutoMix feature witch is available in internal mixer mode.

So, no need to discuss about outdated hardware devices or updating any hardware devices, only make sure that the disabled (greyed out) internal mixer mode option can be enabled in Rekodbox if the user wants to.

Many thanks.

Regards Andreas Anlahr


Andreas Anlahr

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It depends on whether the mixers have the ability to route the incoming USB audio directly to the master & headphones on the mixer rather than just the channels.  If the mixer has MIDI or HID, though, you could use a simple 4-out ASIO or CoreAudio interface and just use the mixer as a very expensive controller.

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