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Stems on Rekordbox and Hardware


Just putting in my 2 cents here. Would it be possible to get stems as seen on Serato, VDJ, and Traktor? I'm talking about music separation in real-time, not the way it was discussed 6 years ago with pre-made "stems tracks." I tried it out on VDJ recently and it's amazing.

It would be great to have this feature on your hardware. I don't know how you'd put it on your current CDJs. Maybe it could be mapped to the Hot Cues? And switch from Hot Cues to Stems via the screen?

Or something else, not sure. I just really enjoyed the experience, and as a Pioneer user for the last 15 years, I think it would help bring your product to the next level.

Jeff Hardy

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thats 2 cents more than they've invested in this. don't hold your breath. we're better off using Mixo to migrate and check back in 3 years from now to see if they've caught up or replied to this string 🙃 

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