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DDJ-SB2 / SDJ Pro (legit) / Ableton Live 11 Lite (legit) / Powered USB Hub / Launchkey Mini MK2 --> DDJ-SB2 no longer connected ??

Good afternoon everyone,

I have a weird issue.
I have the legitimate standalone (no subscr, no hardware unlock, just purchased seperately) version of Serato DJ Pro. I also have Ableton Live 11 Lite, which came with the Novation Launchkey Mini MK2.
Linking both software is easily done. It works up until so far.

First hit the link button in Ableton, then hit the link button in Serato (also tried it the other way around, so no luck there). Then went into Ableton to see if I could play a tune or two on the midi keyboard. Works pretty well with the legitimate VST's by Korg (M1 pack).

When I returned to Serato to start a track, I noticed it didn't recognize the DDJ-SB2 anymore. I had to restart the entire Macbook Pro (2015 MBP Retina, 16gb/500gb nvme/MacOS BigSur et cetera) and set it up entirely again.

I have a wallsocket powered USB 2.0 hub which is fairly new (bought it in October 2022). It worked up until now, so I don't see why it would all of the sudden fail. I also have a surge protected powersocket with 5 peripherals hooked up (Macbook, Phonecharger, charger for two LED Disco bulbs, M-Audio BX4 studio monitors and the powered USB Hub, as where it makes no difference if I hook up the USB hub to the wall socket). I have several equipment to check any power spikes or outtages, nothing wrong there. I also use a Reloop Neon for samples and the slicer. I use another NEON as well for my club gigs, it's a great device with things that some bigger mixers/controllers miss out on.

Now, I redid the wiring where the DDJ-SB2 is hooked up directly to the Macbook, which seems to help, but that completely messes up my cable management.

Is there something that I'm missing here ?
I have been a nerd when it comes to computer hardware since the late 90s, I have been DJ'ing since 1998 and I have never had any issues, even back when I used a standalone mixer/tabletops with Traktor Pro 2.x with a non-powered USB hub and the Audio 4 DJ soundcard hooked up to that hub.

Please advice what to do. I have no idea where to look..
I'm not that familiar anymore with Apple stuff, as I only use the Macbook for use with Serato. At club gigs I use the venue's laptop.

Thanks in advance.

With regards,
// Netherlands

PS: I have a small studio in a dedicated room in my appartment, thus the reason why I (still) use the DDJ-SB2 and not my club gear. I'm looking into getting new gear by the end of this year :)

Youri HL

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