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DDJ DJ Controller - Play Button Stops Working When DJing

For a while, my DJ controller (DDJ-SB2) play button has been faulty. I was DJing when the play button stopped working on the right deck. This has been happening a lot.

I searched on this forum and found a closed thread reporting this problem, with many people in the same position.

I have now found a simple fix with no tools needed, my video is here:



About this fix

Isopropyl alcohol is used to wipe the touch surface of the deck that has stopped working. It is available at most supermarkets, in the Pharmacy section. This fix works because when the touch-sensitive dial becomes dirty, the software seems to mistake the dirt for someone's hand placed on the controller, stopping it playing. When the surface is cleaned it works as intended again - making the track play and the play / pause button work again.

Rocky Mountain Maker

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