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CDJ 900 Nexus doesn't read rekordbox tracks

In the last couple of weeks, I've had a few DJs see some of their tracks greyed out in their playlists on our CDJ 900 Nexus (we have 4 units). We suspect that it has to do with the latest Rekordbox update, in combination with the tracks' original format (AIFF?). There's no current firmware update for the CDJ 900 Nexus, so not sure how to go about this issue.

Lucas Borja Peinado

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The CDJ-900NXS does read AIFFs:

It could be they're not within those supported specs or have an issue with the file(s).

If you want to send over one or two of the files that were not loading, you can email forums@pioneerdj.com with the subject line 15837259454361.

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