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Questions about the new DJM-A9 on Pro DJ LINK Lightning and Microphone section

Hi all, I have some questions about the new DJM-A9
1) Does Pro DJ Link Lightning with automatic deck switching work on the new mixer?
2) Do the effects in the microphone section such as Reverb, Echo, Pitch and Megaphone stay active for a long time or do they switch off after a while? (meaning they don't turn off after a while like they do in the normal beat fx section) ?
Thanks for the support!
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1) Yes.

2) They stay on as long as you have it engaged - as the Beat FX should (if your beat FX switch off for any reason, that's not normal.)

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Ah ok got it, I don't know after a while the active beat fx would take off, maybe it was a bug, I don't know, anyway thank you for your support!

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