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SR2 Channel 1 fader controls both channels volume


I discovered last night that the Channel 1 fader controls the volume of both the channels. So if the Ch1 fader is on 0 and the Ch2 fader is on 10 and I have a song playing on Ch2, there is no sound. When I put the Ch1 fader up, sound is coming from the CH2 song.

I didn't have the allow re mapping option on, but i turned it on and then off and also reset Midi. Had no luck. Is it a hardware issue? I've seen some other have the same problems here in the forums. 

Charlee Bangs

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If you're on a Mac:

    • Open the Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup app
    • Click Window > Show MIDI Studio
    • At the top of the window, click the drop-down menu and select New Configuration...
    • Give it a name (eg. 2023) and click OK
    • Click the IAC Driver (should be red) and press the Delete key on your keyboard
    • Close the Audio MIDI Setup application

For Mac and PC:

    • Open Serato DJ Pro
    • Open the preferences
    • Click the MIDI tab
    • Click the SR2 in the upper window
    • Un-check the Allow Serato Hardware Remapping button above that window
    • Click the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of that window

Does that work?

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Nope, as I mentioned in my post I've tried that already with no luck unfortunately. :( 

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