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Rekordbox Android App

Hey folks, pretty new to the whole rekordbox ecosystem but loving it so far, my current setup is A laptop with rekordbox and an FLX4 controller, it's my first foray in to DJ'ing although I have run a sound and lighting company for a long time and just fancied having a go. I'm trying to break away from dependence on taking a laptop everywhere too so really liked the idea of being able to use an android device, so I gave it a go. 

The first hiccup I've come across is connecting my android to my flx4, now granted I may be missing something mega obvious here so if I am feel free to chip in, but.....power supply in to flx4, cable from flx4 to android device...neither see the flx 4 BUT it does stop doing the disco light thing (settles down as if it can see the phone the same as it see's the laptop) however the app just sits there doing nothing, is there something I'm supposed to do?

Next tried bluetooth, one issue, it says in the instructions I saw to turn the device on it's side and hit the rekordbox icon to get the bluetooth connection menu, every other app on my devices (both of them) detects when the device is horizontal, however rekordbox on both just stays the same way and doesn't rotate (one older tablet and one galaxy S22 ultra), I'm using the current app on the app store so pretty sure am up to date and have googled the issue but cant find up to date information anywhere on how to get this working, Any help greatly appreciated

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The most important part is that the FLX4-compatible version of the rekordbox app has not been released yet, so all the problems you're having are because you're not using the right version. It should be out this spring - thanks for your patience.

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