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Issue Connecting DDJ1000 to laptop

Whenever i try to connect my laptop to my ddj1000s, i get a pop up on my computer saying the usb device malfuntioned and windows cannot recognise it. i have reinstalled the drivers multiple times, and installed a firmware update, and managed to get them working for a day but after re connecting the next day the same issue arose. no audio driver is displayed on the jogs when connected, and when i try to select the ddj1000 asio in recordbox it says error opening driver. however, even after deleting and reinstalling the driver, the issue persists.


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The "error" message could occur because Windows has already assigned the DDJ-1000 as the default sound output or input device. Make sure it's set to your computer's default device, not the DDJ.

As for the USB malfunction, that could be due to a bad USB cable or problems with the USB port / motherboard. Try a different cable or port.

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