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how to save gain for each track 2023?

hello this is frustraing the hell out of me if someone could advise please other than 'use trim live'.

basically i have 2 laptops, i made a playlist one of them using cloud, i have pro sub on latest rb, windows 11. i then put the playlist on a usb so i could play it out, on this occasion ill be using my 2nd laptop and a flx4, so i usb'd the playlist (just as a backup also), imported into rekordbox on that, now all my gain settings are set to default and i cant save them. ive tried with autogain on and off, tried having them from the usb, from the computer, and from the cloud, heres the weird thing, other playlists in the cloud save the gain settings fine, but this playlist doesn't, even when I put it back into the coud from the usb, or try importing it to my ssd. any autogain changes are reset with or without track analysis on or off.

when importing from a usb i have the following 3 options:


update collection

skip (add to the playlist)

all 3 will still have the same problem and the gain doesnt save. Auto upoad on or off makes no difference also. To confirm also, I have tried deleting the songs from the cloud fully, delete the playlist, then re upload. The playlist will not save any gain changes I do once I go to a new song. All other playlists on any device will save it.

I understand that taking playlists to neuxs or other players doesnt save gain and thats fine, but for computers with the cloud im confused what im doing wrong on this as like I say, all my old playlists on the cloud automatically save the gain changes I make

So literally only thing I can do is copy the songs from the usb to my computer in a new folder, re add them to a new rekordbox playlist, then it DOES save the gain settings I change automatically, BUT looses all the other data of course like hotcues etc. Now at this point I just adjust the gain live and hopefully don't red light too much but im confused why importing a playlist from USB locks the gain not matter what way you do things. It's about 14 songs out of 50 or so, not a big deal but would like to know workaround for future

Please if anyone could advise? Many thanks

Bill Maries

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