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performance mode djm900nxs+cdj2000nxs+plan

Hi all,
configuration : djm900nxs+cdj2000nxs with LAN, macbook pro M1, BigSur with USB to mixer
all nxs up-to-date with firmware
rekordbox 6.6.8 with creative-plan computer activated.

performance mode: mixer connected fine, cdj control mode USB pressed, but will not be connected.
shows only pic player->computer and doesnt work as controller, no error, nothing ...

this set works fine same computer with djm900nxs2+xdj1000mk2/or cdj2000nxs2.

thank you for any help !


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hi, no players with mixer LAN switch, computer connected with usb to mixer. performance mode - mixer get sound out, control mode player not possible - see my post. but this config works fine with nxs2 set but not with nxs set

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The DJM-900NXS2 can use the bridge link driver but the DJM-900nexus (original model) does not have that ability, so you'd need to connect each via USB.

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