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Backing up rekordbox library metadata and music library separately

Hi Guys

I need confirmation on this:

I plan to backup up my music collection by

a. backing up rekordbox WITHOUT the music files (from within the software)

b. backing up my music folder with an 3rd party backup software, which allows me to make incremental backups

Will I be able to restore my rekordbox library using this method? I searched the forums and am pretty certain that this is a viable method, but I am not 100% sure

Peter Guse Répondu

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The library doesn't contain the music files.

If you use File > Library > Backup Library, you are presented with the option to include the files. You can choose to do that or skip it and only the database is backed-up.

If you simply backup your computer regularly (as you should), the database and music would be collected as well.

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Yes, though there is no need to use a 3rd party backup software for you music folder.

Just copy your folder over to where you want to (temporarily) store it. Or save a copy.

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thanks for the answers. :-)

@Ves: the 3rd party backup is just for the option to use incremental backup. It's much faster. :-)

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