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Improve track matching

Please consider improving how DJs can set matching tracks inside of the Pioneer system. It's an incredibly powerful feature that has been minimally implemented and is such a pain to leverage. We need to be able to set matching tracks from currently playing tracks on CDJs.

I know the concern is probably how to make this work against setups with 3 or 4 decks active but there is an easy solution: one side of the match defaults to the master player, and whichever player is trying to initiate the match becomes the other.

I would love to see a little indicator that lets us know when a track has matches available, because right now it requires us going WAY out of the way to a completely different part of the menu, just to find out there are no matches available.

Even being able to shift-select songs from Rekordbox and right-click 'Set matching tracks' would be a huge step up from how it works right now, eg: loading two tracks and clicking the stupid little chain link icon on the waveform.

Pioneer I know you have your eye on trying to introduce new features to sell controllers but us veteran DJs are really getting hung out to dry with workflow frustrations while the features keep creeping.

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