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Rekordbox Can not create the analysis file in the folder specified

Hello guys!

I've just migrated all my mac computer to a new macbook pro M2 using a time machine back up. Everything went well except when I opened rekordbox it couldn't locate the master library (All my tracks are located on my itunes library) the messages in the photo below appeared, and now the message "Rekordbox Can not create the analysis file in the folder specified" shows up. All the track names appear but no analysis is done and i lost all my cues... I have important DJ gigs coming up and after hours looking for infos on what to do i'm feeling totally helpless, is anyone able to help by any chance please? You would be such an angel!! Thank you so much!!!

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You have a different username from the old setting; create a ticket here and ask for me, I can help you with that in about 30 seconds. ;)

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