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Issue exporting files stored in Dropbox cloud sync folder

I've been facing a weird issue trying to export files recently.

I can't tell whether it was introduced with 6.7.0 but it's at least new to the last 2 months since I had no issues exporting in January.

When using sync manager to export to a USB stick (both an existing and also a fresh new one) I get the following error message:

"One or more files were not exported. Check the log file in the "Documents Folder. Export Log xxxxx"

When looking at that document I can see it's listing paths that were the original paths from which the tracks were originally added to the library.


[1] Shades Of Love (feat. The Joy) (Original Mix)    /Users/donaldpiret/Downloads/beatport_tracks_2023-03/The Blessed Madonna, The Joy - Shades Of Love (feat. The Joy) (Original Mix).aiff

When adding files to Rekordbox I imported them into a playlist that has auto cloud upload enabled, thus moving them to the Dropbox folder instead.


If I search for this track in my library I can see it properly existing at the Dropbox folder location on my machine:


Dropbox / rekordbox/contents_2961981780/the ..... shades of lo.aiff

Rekordbox is also not reporting any missing files when using the "File -> Display All Missing Files" tool

It looks like something might be getting the sync manager confused as to the path of the files?

I'm on a Macbook Pro M2 Max with Ventura 13.2.1

Rekordbox 6.7.0 rev.24381-20826-20832

Dropbox client v170.4.5895

Happy to provide screenshots/recordings and log files if needed.

If I had to take a wild stab in the dark (sorry software engineering reflex here) I would have guessed it might have something to do with the documented recent update from 6.7.0: 

  • When rekordbox plays tracks uploaded to the cloud, music files stored in the local drive will be played, if available.

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I've found a common thread among these issues and another topic; I've escalated this to our engineers for review, so please watch your tickets for a response.


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Just realised by reading other posts that the proper process for this is to file an inquiry, so have done so as well (Inquiry nr 415306)

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This was introduced in 6.7. You can downgrade to Rekordbox 6.6.11 and find your export to USB work fine again.

I submitted an inquiry as well (#415307) after running into the same exact issue trying to export my music before heading out to play an after hours here in Miami. This is happening on two of my installs, one MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 and one is Big Sur 11.7.

I'm sure Pioneer will update Rekordbox quickly as this is a pretty cut-and-dry, very easily reproducible problem.

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