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Column information needs better contrast for editing with Dark skin

When using RB in Dark skin and Browse through one of my playlists, the bar highlight showing me what i am on is light Blue and a great contrast to the Black/Grey background with White Text of my Playlist.

When i click into the Genre of a song to highlight it for editing the text it highlight all the text with a Grey box and turns all the Text Black, Black on Grey, which again is a good contrast for me.

When i click again now to add text all the text turns a light Grey and the Background reverts to the original light Blue, so light Grey on light Blue, which is a total nightmare for me too see WFT i am typing.

If the text remained Black for example, (or White even) so Black on light Blue, fantastic.

In the other columns when i am editing other stuff like Track Title, Artist, Year ect the text stays White on a light Blue background which is a great contrast, just seems to be Genre that is trying to Blind me :)

The contrast between light Grey and light Blue is seriously woeful.

Can you guys change this to be more visible please.


D Lewis

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