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DJS-1000 - Custom pad colors?! No way is it restricted to just these 16 colors...

Has anyone figured out a way to use more than just the 16 colors you can choose from in the UI?

During the bootup sequence the pads clearly go through millions of colors in a smooth gradient, but then within the system you only get 16 colors to choose from. This seems extremely odd.

Surely there is a way to customize colors on the pads. I haven't found a way so far and it seems absolutely baffling that they would include the capability for that many colors then just limit the user to only 16. Color-coding is extremely helpful. For example, having the ability to go from blue to turquoise with a smooth gradient across 8 pads to signify pitch, or whatever other attribute you want for organization would be EXTREMELY useful.

I really hope they didn't just add millions of colors then limit the user to 16 via the software. That is insane.

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