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Pioneer still factory sealing their boxes?

Hope this is the right place to post this...

Are people receiving their Pioneer products in actual factory-sealed boxes still, i.e. with a plastic or paper seal that gets broken when they are opened?

I was just about to buy a Pioneer DDJ-1000 in South Africa, and saw that it came in an unsealed box - and so did not proceed with the purchase. When I queried this with the vendor (a reputable brick and mortar store) I was told that that's how Pioneer supplies gear now.

I'm also just about to buy a pair of CDJ-3000s from another (also reputable) vendor, and when I asked about this matter of seals on boxes, I was told the same thing - that they get them unsealed from Pioneer.

This gives me great concern obviously, and will cause me to purchase from the USA or EU rather. Where I assume boxes are still actually supplied sealed. Are they??

Can anyone comment on this?

Pioneer can you comment?

Obviously when purchasing something unsealed, there is always the risk of receiving returns from other vendors (with minor/cosmetic defects) or some other form of 'B' stock. (And South Africa is historically a notorious dumping ground for sub-standard gear.)

And obviously with the cost of a pair of CDJ-3000 I'm not going to dick around with this...

Pioneer, does this sound normal...?

Jean-Pierre Le Roux

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