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Making Intelligent Playlists as customizable as Track Filters

The track filter section does a great job allowing you to use each "bucket" of tags as a stagegate.

For example, mine is set up the following:

Genre |  Set Time  |  Venue  |  Song type

I can pick multiple genres (Pop, Rap) 

That fit into one set time (Early)

That fit into 2 venues (Bar, Club)

That are not instrumentals (Songs with Lyrics)


The intelligent playlists set up does not allow for the same level of customization.  The "Match all of the following conditions" will not allow me to select multiple genres at a time as it only shows songs that fit into BOTH genres simultaneously.

 Whereas the "Match any of the following conditions" does not allow you to use each bucket of tags as a stage gate.  To go back to my previous example

Genre |  Set Time  |  Venue  |  Song type

My Tag Contains - (Pop, Rap) - displays all songs within the pop and rap genre (fine)

My Tag Contains - (Early) - displays all songs tagged as "Early" - even if it does not fit within the pop and rap genre (problem)

My Tag Contains - (Bar, Club) - displays all songs tagged to Bar and Club, even if they are not tagged with Pop and Rap, and not tagged as Early (problem)

My Tag Does not contain - (Instrumentals) - Displays all songs that are not instrumental, even if they do not fit within the 3 previous criteria (problem)

At this point, using these tags in the Intelligent Playlist set up would result in pretty much my entire collection of 4000 songs fitting within the playlist, because most are not instrumentals.  They do not take previous criteria into account the same way the Track Filter section does.

This is where the issue lies, as it does not have the same flexibility as the Track Filter example I laid out above.

Utilizing the same set up logic for the Intelligent Playlists as the track filter would be amazing.  I hope I explained this clearly

Ryan Redmond

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