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Opus Quad - Device Library Plus Requirement

Hey Pioneer Team,

I know there has been a post already about the requirement to upgrade your Rekordbox above v6.6.11 and then amend your USB exports  to support the new library format. Unfortunately the responses seemed rather dismissive of the concerns people have raised. 

Yes it's easy to do, but why is it even necessary? 

Does the new library format enable faster usage? What features does it actually offer compared to the older more widely used library format? Why has the new library format even been introduced in the first place?

Taking away the possibility of any person with a standard Rekordbox library USB to plug in and play straight away (as with literally all oher Pioneer hardware) without having to do this "easy" amendment to their storage device seems counter-intuitive. There are many situations where someone may turn up to a party with the opportunity to DJ and be met with the Opus-Quad having none of their playlists or library data. Saying they can still access their music isn't really a satisfactory response - pre-prepared playlists, cue points, loops, etc are vital parts to a DJ performance.

Is there anything that can be done to enable backwards compatibility? One of my favorite things about Pioneer is that my USBs always worked in every Pioneer device I plugged them into straight away. This new all-in-one top-end piece of kit requires a seemingly arbitrary hoop to jump through that's neither obvious nor widely known.

Is anyone able to explain the thinking behind this decision for the Opus-Quad? Could you explain what the benefits of this new library formatting are? And why wasn't it deemed necessary to enable backwards compatibility with the original library format? 

Thanks in advance! 

Adam Jareh

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