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Create Single USB for Legacy Library and Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD)

Hi all, then, given the problem with the libraries between "Legacy" and the "Device Library Plus (OPUS-QUAD)", you have to make two separate flash drives, between the two different libraries, because there are many problems converting library to rekordbox, and in any case having two USBs for CDJs and OPUS-QUADs, let's say it's not that convenient and not even the best thing to update the music.
So I was wondering, if maybe you can create a system to have both libraries on a single USB drive? (that is, as if it were the same usb for both systems, and not split)
Thanks for your support!

Gabriele Palermo

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Hello Pioneer DJ

I am the happy owner of a DDJ 1000.

However, I would like to suggest an update that will greatly please your customers, as well as myself.

I suggest a way to alternate between the initial time and the remaining time individually on each deck, through some shortcut on the controller's buttons, without the need to make these adjustments in the Rekordbox program.

This will help us Deejays a lot, and I think it would be possible to add this plus to the DDJ 1000 through some firmware update, so that it can be pressed through some key shortcut to change the tempos on each deck.

Please Pioneer Dj think carefully about this possibility ok?

Thank you very much !

Denis Oliveira

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