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DJM-S5 master delay with detailed explanation

Hello, I want to explain what's exactly wrong with DJM-S5 audio delay on master output and how to force mixer to act wrong. Due to high number of posts about this issue, I don't want to discuss it happens or not, because it's clear it happens :)

I made a short videos about it:

First - explaining setup that I use for test:


Second - explaining the bug on computer plugged in directly


Third - explaining the bug happening on third party signal


- bug not happens till the any FX lever is touched
- increasing buffer on computer connected to mixer by usb = increasing delay
- changing FX mode to scratch cutter eliminates bug and bad routing
- using mixer switched to analogue inputs with connected computer with SDJ Pro run = bug happen
- disconnecting USB or closing SDJ Pro = audio not routed via computer

hello Pioneer, it's simple bug, let's make it solved, if you need any more information from me - feel free to ask

daniel musiol

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perfectamente explicado, pero pioneer hace rato que nos tiene abandonados con soluciones. Nunca pense en que tantos usuarios tengamos el mismo problema y seamos ignorados.

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