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Bug Report: Opus Quad Filter on playlist banks

Hello - I would like to report a bug but not sure if this is the right avenue.


When in the playlist view with playlists in the banks, if one uses the "filter /sort" function to narrow down tracks that match the filter, it also applies to the other banks. This behavior may be expected, but when navigating the other playlist banks, the filter function is NOT blue - showing that it is enabled. 

Additionally, after turning on a filter in one playlist bank and navigating between playlist banks, sometimes the banks will erroneously display ALL tracks despite it being filtered. The user will not be able scroll past the original number of filtered tracks while the UI displays all the tracks in the playlist. Oddly, user can still select via touch screen.

Example: if the filter in bank 1 shows 3 songs, user navigates to bank 2, which applies the filter to bank 2 and shows 4 songs. Now user navigates back to bank 1 the UI will display all songs but the knob can only navigate through the original 3 songs that were filtered. 


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create 2 playlists which varying keys and create a filter that will yield a variable number of tracks. 
  2. Add the two playlists to the playlist banks
  3. Queue up a track and play it so that it is the master
  4. Apply the filter to the bank 1
  5. Click on bank 2, observe that the blue filter is not on, despite it being on and showing only the filter tracks.
  6. Click on bank 1, observe that all tracks are displayed again. However the knob cannot scroll past the original number of filtered tracks.
  7. Click on bank 2 again, observe that all tracks are displayed again, and the same issue on 6 occurs. 
  8. User can use the touch screen to select tracks and load them otherwise, but the knob is not functional.

Known workarounds:

  • Turn the filter on and off again for each bank to enable the knob functionality again, but has weird effects to other banks. 
  • Select via the touch screen and don't use the knob
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I can also supply a youtube video if that helps.

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