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DDJ SX - firmware update issue


I have been experiencing problems recently with my sound cutting out, through headphones and speakers. It only happens when I turn on my DDJ-SX.

I thought this may be due to the firmware being out of date as I haven't updated it in a while. I downloaded the latest firmware update and Java but it says that my DDJ-SX isn't connected, even though it is registered by my mac as being connected.

I have updated my mac to the latest sofware 'Monterey' and tried multiple USB ports, but the updater still isn't registering my DDJ-SX as being connected.

Can someone please help - https://bbwsexcam.net/milk

Bill Buxter

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I had the exact same issue... my ddj sx is connected but java is saying it is not...

verrrrrry frustrating, i downloaded the other installation instructions... hold down shift and sync on the left deck and turn the power on while the usb is connected to the computer with the .jar file. dont let go till you see the level meter blinking. then double click the expanded ddj sx .jar file.  A window will open with your version, and the new one listed.  hit start.  It takes a min or two to update.  your ddj sx wil cycle through the lights when completed, click ok.  boom you are up to date! hope this helps mang... pz  djKABZ

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