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Hot Cue loops on XDJ 700

Hey, I'm exporting all my tracks using Rekordbox to a USB and planning to play on an XDJ 700. 

All my tracks have more than 3 hot-cues and hot cue-loops, however, from what I read the XDJ only has 3 Hot-Cues (A,B,C), so my quesion is:

Once I load a track from my USB - which Hot-Cues are going to be visible and usable on the XDJ 700. Say I have A,B,D,E, and G on my USB - what am I going ot see on the XDJ 700 once the track is loaded

Roy Oron

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Hot-Cues (A,B,C) are displayed.
Hot-Cues (A,B,C) are not visible or available

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