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rekordbox is trimming the names of all my audio files when it syncs

So, I found out that rekordbox has been trimming the names of many of my audio files. I am a premium user with two actively synced computers via dropbox professional. But sometimes, I go to edit a new song I've added, and some of the information is not present after it is synced to my Dropbox account.

I think what is happening is that the folder path & filename is too long; it just cuts out any extra information from the filename. This is kinda shitty because if there are like 5 artists involved in a song, the song name gets cut out of the filename, and I have to like Shazam it to recover that information.

M:\Dropbox (Professional DJ team)\rekordbox\contents_4188314159\unknownartist\unknownalbum

Why is this folder path so damn long? Why don't you utilize shorthand instead of "unknownartist" and "unknownalbum"? Is nesting these files by album even necessary? I cannot be the only user affected by this filename truncation. 

The SSD I have this library synced to is in NTFS format, and the filename limit should be 255 characters, but I'm seeing this truncation occur around 140 characters. what's going on here?


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