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New DJM-A9, crossfader broken out of box.

Just opened, crossfader broken.
Has no cut off, doesnt matter on curve/channel settings.

Opened access panel, can see visible plastic piece that looks like its broken and not placed inside. The side of the plastic I can see, doesnt look like a machined cut, looks like it was snapped.

I have called 4 Pioneer service centers, a few said that had not received repair panels, 1 said they cant even see a part to order. 
Multiple service centers said it would be 3/4 months after they received mixer, before they could look at it, fix it or get parts. 

Ordered the mixer off amazon, 3rd party seller. Can not return, mixer is now back ordered. Offered partial refund. 

Unsure if there is a innofader, that can be used any other parts? 
This is something anyone could repair, understand under warranty. Just trying to not sit with this in a shop for 3/4 months. No local service centers, would be sending states away. 

Please send help! 

beau howard

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Did you order it with a credit card? If so try using their insurance to get the full amount back. 

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