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XDJ-XZ difference sound level with and without effect


I'm a French DJ on radio shows and in clubs for over 20 years.

I have just acquired the XDJ-XZ and I use it with USB keys exported by Rekordbox. I noticed a major sound problem, the sound level is very different when there is an effect and when there is not (about 3dB).

The difference is only visible if 1 or 2 of the 3 LOW MID HI buttons are off when no effect is in use.

If Pioneer engineers read this post, I can provide spectra analysis that proves it.

Try it at home, put on a song, preferably a song that has several instruments and voices at the same time. Leave an effect in stand by (so which is not in function) on the track and press LOW or MID or HI and you go between this difference which is inadmissible when you broadcast mixes like me on high quality sound systems or on FM radio.

Thanks to the engineers for making an update.

Steve Oliva

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