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CDJ3000 Hot Cue loading issue


Last friday I was playing on a set of 3 CDJ3000's
USB was in deck3, all linked via hub.
I was playing a track on deck2 and pressed on a HotCuebutton.
The track skipped to a HotCue from the PREVIOUS track, that I had been playing on DECK1???
Very very weird...
Anyone else had this issue?


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Is HOT CUE AUTO LOAD ON? is it off?
If it is OFF, even if you load a song, the HOT CUE will not be rewritten, so the HOT CUE used in the previous song may remain as it is.

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It's on.
There were no previous issues with other HotCue's

I use HotCue's in all my tracks.

I mean, I can imagine that a load goes wrong once in a million times (even though it shouldnt, because it messes up your set), but that it loads the HotCue's from another deck is really weird to me...


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