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Rekordbox 6.7.1 is deleting my tracks

Hi !

I'm using Rekordbox 6.7.1 with Creative Plan and my personal Dropbox account.
Since some time, I can see that many songs are lost, but I have not given it importance, thinking that I could have deleted them or moved them by mistake. In recent days I have been working hard on several playlists and my surprise was BIG when I could see that in the playlists in which I have worked, some tracks (few minutes ago were played)I no longer existed in the collection.

I checked the Dropbox log and found that the files were deleted from the PC from where I was playing with Rekordbox at the time I was listening to tracks. Not all tracks in the playlist were deleted, just some (3 or 4) randomly from each playlist I ran.

Are there any settings or anything I can change to prevent Rekorbox from deciding (for some reason I can't find yet) to delete some of the tracks I've played?


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Thank you, inquiry ticket sent (and updated).

After analyzing and trying to find out what is causing Rekordbox to delete my files randomly, I found that the cause is the change of information in the database. If I edit from Rekordbox (collection or playlist) any information in the track (title, artist, album, genre or any column that I can edit from Rekordbox) automatically the file is deleted.

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