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DMX Direct Control not working - what am I missing?

I would love some advice from Rekordbox (6.7.1) gurus on Lighting control as surely I am missing something - or there is a bug in Rekordbox.

I've tried everything to get my fixtures to respond to DMX values entered in the DMX Direct Control settings.  The lights are responding to Interlude and Auto Programs, however when I specify the correct DMX parameters in one of the 9 DMX Direct Banks (either the three via the Lighting Panel or the rest via Prefs > Extensions > Lighting, activated by hot key) - no data appears to go via the Pioneer RB-DMX1 to the addressed lights.

In this example I'm using two Sabre Spot RGBW in 12 channel mode.  I am sending DMX for 100% Red for these on Channel 1, DMX address 97 and 109 respectively, however nothing happens.  I've also tried combinations with music playing and auto programs running to see if it modifies and nothing happens.  Ideally I want to simply be able to use Direct Control to send DMX commands to the lights independently - that seems to be what it's for?!

Can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong here.  Any advice very much appreciated.  Is there anyway for me to debug/see the raw DMX data being sent as well?

Anthony Hicks

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Okay not 15 mins after posting this I realised what I had missed.  Leaving this post here with the solution in case it helps someone else.  It is not enough to simply send the Colour parameter at 100%  - you must also send the parameters to turn the Dimmer and LED ON (in this case for the ADJ Sabre's).  Obvious really :p


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