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More presets or Custom Rekordbox layout on laptop screen

I know you already have a few presets (like 2/4 deck horizontal/vertical) but I would like to have an option so that the PC screen mimics the screen of for instance an XDJ-RX. Or a CDJ.

Sometimes I have to spin at places that use a DJ controller with a laptop instead of dedicated gear. I'm fine with that but that means there's either too little information visible (if they use low res monitors), or too much info (if they use high res monitors) since the display is always fixed.

I would love to have an option where the PC screen would show something like this:

The buttons could be "real" buttons I could click (or if using a touch screen, touch). This would make it so much easier to see what I need to see. Also, this would enable me to close the laptop and use a small external monitor.

It would be awesome if it could mimic the display of a CDJ as well so I could use a (small) monitor for each deck.

Cliff Pennock

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