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Bought DJM-V10 + CDJ3000s for Tracklist export to DJM-REC. HOW?!

Hi Pioneer,

I need help.

I bought a brand new DJM-V10 and 2xCDJ-3000s so I can get tracklists to automatically export in the iOS DJM-REC mobile app when I am recording mixes.

Unfortunately I cannot see how I can access the tracklist. I just recorded 5.5 hours at an event here in South Beach last Sunday. The mix recorded fine but I browsed to my iPhone and cannot anything in the file browser other than the .WAV file. All gear has been updated to the latest firmware as of April 2023.

When I select the recording to play in the app and expand "Tracklist" I don't see anything show up.

I read somewhere that the tracklist would upload to Soundcloud or Mixcloud but both of those are broken for me (I get error code "-1001" for Soundcloud and "Cant Allocate Region" error for Mixcloud).

I tried a Dropbox upload hoping to see a tracklist but I just saw my WAV file uploaded and that was it. 

Help me Pioneer DJ forum support, you're my only hope! <3 


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Ok, I guess I am my only hope sometimes... here goes :)

Not that it matters based on what I figured out, but I know the support team will need to log version info with the engineers:

  • iOS 16.5
  • Pioneer DJM-V10 firmware 1.12
  • CDJ-3000 v2..04

All networked with PRO Link and working fine - mixer sees the CDJs and even prompts to load my USB stick settings.

Here is what I figured out...

My iPhone 14 Pro DOES successfully record the track timestamps and track titles!  

The $300 I spent on a recording device to dedicate to the mixer -- a used iPhone 12 Mini -- does not record timestamps at all. Everything else is the same - just swap the phones and even with the same iOS version and same DJM-REC version, the 12 Mini doesn't save the timestamps. 

From what I can see from the minimal settings screen, everything is the same between the two phones.

Perhaps some sort of periphreal security-related setting between the two different phones? An issue with a licensed feature of some sort because I've got DJM-REC loaded on a second phone? 

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I completely removed the DJM-REC app from the iPhone 12 I had, reinstalled it, and boom... the tracklists are now working. 

Hope this thread helps someone else in the future who finds this isn't working.

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I have the exact same setup and was also having this issue with DJM-REC (not producing a track list). Friends using my setup and their own iOS DJM-RECs and/or my iOS DJM-REC devices *would* see their track lists recorded along with their mixes. Weird right?

From what I could gather, the only significant difference was a new Settings feature: I had set my Rekordbox to the non-default settings and they hadn't. (see below) 

But I'll try re-installing DJM-REC but in the past this didn't work for me but I suspect it's because of how I have the new 'TRACK INFORMATION' set: 

In Rekordbox, if you click on PREFERENCES gear icon then go to ADVANCED and click on the OTHERS tab, way at the bottom there's a new setting called: TRACK INFORMATION (see screenshot) with options to PUBLISH or NOT PUBLISH the "collective settings of all tracks" and another check box with the following description: "Do not publish track information when importing tracks into the Collection"

if you click on the question mark info, you get the following:

Reading through the privacy policy made me wonder if AlphaTheta has ever looked up the definition for the word "privacy" because their policy seems to be if you use any PioneerDJ hardware and software (purchased or free, public space use or home use) that is capable of collecting your data, your data will be collected. The gist of the Privacy Policy is this:

"If you are a DJ, we also receive information about the tracks you play using our product." 

- https://www.pioneerdj.com/en-us/company/privacy-policy/

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