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DDJ 800 SRT or FLX 8

Hi Pioneer, is there the possibility to release a controller like DDJ 800 for Serato? Serato lovers need a professional two channel controller, something like a DDJ 800 or a 2 channel version of FLX 10.

A controller around 1000 $.

We trust you

Giovanni B

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I'd also really like this.

Currently using a DDJ-SR and I'd like to upgrade, but the DDJ 1000SRT is just a little too big to be a real portable controller which is what I need it for. The DDJ-800 looks perfect in terms of size, jog wheel quality and XLR outputs. Except I use Serato, and I don't want to change.

Rekordbox looks fine, but all my playlists, cue points and keys are in Serato, and I have paid for extras there like Video. I'd buy one tomorrow if there was an SRT version. As it is I'm probably not going to upgrade, or exploring Denon controllers.

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