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I had the most peculiar gig involving HID nightmare and ended up djing via an aux cable and serato. Painful.

So, here's why: The venue had CDJ 2000's nxs 2 & a DJM 900 nxs. When I attempted to use HID mode each deck would pause the track at random and at times failed to respond even when pressing play/hot cues.

I then tried the CDJ 3000's with the same mixer and even though I could browse my library and load tracks with zero issues, the song itself wouldn't play and the jog wheel wouldn't activate/move the track. When I pressed play on the cdj the 'play' icon on serato changed to 'blue' but the song wouldn't play.

I'm trying to work out if the issue was the old ass mixer,  the CDJ's or my serato/macbook settings?

Any help would be greatly appreciated 


Harry Land

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I don't understand why you seem to be implying that the DJM-900 Nexus would have any effect on whether or not your computer can properly communicate with the CDJs for HID/MIDI controller mode.  If you're trying to use the USB sound card capability on the mixer, it's totally independent of the CDJs, as is the CDJs' USB sound card capability vs the mixer.  It's possible that no USB sound cards were active in Serato (the mixer or the CDJs), which might explain why nothing would play but you sorta kinda had HID/MIDI communication happening.

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