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DJM-S11 Sync not working

I've got a problem with sync that I hope somebody can help with.

I have a track which has a fluctuating BPM that I have beat gridded in Serato DJ Pro - first verse is at 100BPM, then a verse at 104BPM, then it alternates between these two BPMs throughout the track.

When I'm using Serato offline on my Mac, it syncs perfectly with another track that has a consistent BPM, but when I connect to the mixer and tap sync, the BPM fluctuates as it does on the original track, so quickly loses sync with the consistent track. It is basically ignoring the sync and playing the track at its original fluctuating BPM.

I am using 2 x Technics 1210 mk7 connected to a MacBook Pro M2 Max, running Serato DJ Pro 3.07 and they are both set to REL.

Jon Lord

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Do you have the track with the fluctuating bpm set as the master track or the track with the steady bpm? It sounds like when you use Serato offline, somehow you have the incoming track (not fluct) set as the master track and when you're using it with the mixer, you're setting the fluctuating track as the master. Try messing with which track you activate sync on in the screen on the S11 and see if that fixes it.

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