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DJM - S7 (Performance Pad Issues With Rekordbox )

Hi ,

I just got a brand new DJM - S7 as a backup for my S11. The Mixer works really well with all other DJ Software except rekordbox which is quite odd. In Hot Cue Mode , Triggering a cue point whilst the song is playing seems to trigger other cue points as well. (eg. Triggering cue point 3 triggers cue point 1 instead and playback resumes from Cue point 1 instead of 3). Play button in Transport mode doesn't respond to stop the song and has to be pressed a couple of times before playback is halted. This does not happen in any other software apart from RB. I am able to do cue point drumming and other tricks in all other software. 

Rekordbox works normally when connected to the DJM - S11 and there are no cue point or transport mode issues. So it seems there may be some sort of a bug with the S7 and RB?

Help or a support ticket will be much appreciated. Thank You 


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Have you accidentally midi-mapped the S7 in RB at all? I would look up how to clear any mappings and get it to the default mapping and see if that resolves the issue. If the mixer doesn't double trigger pads in other DJ software like Serato, etc, then it wouldn't be a hardware issue and must be the software. Also try updating to the latest version of RB, or try a previous version if you're already on the latest version. Good luck!

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