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Problem exporting rekordbox XML with Beatport Streaming tracks

I have a library full of normal m4as and mp3s and more recently I've been incorporating some Beatport Streaming tracks too... which works well

I've generally always created and edited my playlists on PC with big screens for hot cues, then exported the XML and files over to a Macbook which I've then imported for playing on my DDJ-1000

This has always worked fine... with Beatport Streaming tracks however... the Macbook loads the tracks fine from Beatport, analyzes them and plays them as normal. But there is no whole-track display of the entire track, it's blank, so I never know where I am in the song. And if I right click the track to try and analyze it, it just tries to get me to relocate the file, analyzing it is greyed out

Is there any way to export referenced Beatport streaming tracks with hot cues in XML to another device and having it work properly? Seems like a bug since the track does play like normal otherwise...

Scott Taggart

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Unfortunately, rekordbox xml cannot correctly export Hot Cues for streaming tracks.

The engineers will consider adding the feature to rekordbox, but we cannot guarantee if or when it will be implemented.

Currently, it is possible to share the Hot Cues of streaming tracks by Cloud Library Sync, or if you back up the library and
restore the library on another computer, the Hot Cues will restore.

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