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export USB rekordbox 6.7.3

the problem is that the uploaded PLAYLISTS cannot be seen on the device xdj rx3 -formatted pendrive or disk (I tried fat32, exfat, journaled macos)
when in the DEVICE tab, click on your disk, you can see that it says DEVICE LIBARY plus (opus quad only)
I haven't converted my library to this system.

I downloaded dj rekordbox 5.8.3 today and export to disk works and the controller sees everything.

is there any solution to make rekordbox 6 export correctly to systems other than opus quad?


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Please go to rekordbox Export Mode -> preferences -> dj system -> device -> make sure Device Library is ticked and below that you have "create library exclusively for" -> select CDJ/XDJ. 

Then export playlists again and see if same occurs. 

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thanks for your help, everything works! 5!
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