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All Professional DJM mixer - Vu meter labeling & upgrade

Hello everyone, and to whom it  may concern,

  All vu meters from most Pioneer mixer products that i know got labeling from -24 to +14 dB, not that i do not like orange or red colors, but;

 ** Seriously this do not look professional, and in fact technically wrong.**

In studio, broadcast, sound system, digital production, nightclub, etc,... 0dB is the reference; Anything on top is distortion or prohibited....  So, why labeling at +2, +5, +9, +14 dB?

  • The old Djm 500 was; 0, +1, +2, +4, +7, +10, +14 dB.

  • The Djm 2000 recommend to never pass 0 dB when recording...

  • The last Djm 850 label; 0, +1, +2, +4, +7, +10, Over. (Over what? LOL)


I think +2 and clip, are just right. 

And, by removing those uper leds, and giving 2-3 led to the minus part, it will be more appropriate at -40/-30 db (similar or closer to many mastering processors, - T.c. electronic label at** -60, -48 dB*, - **dbx* professional products at -50, -40 dB). This also could be useful to detect a buzz...

To conclude; based on 15 led, i will setup as;

Clip (red)

+ 2 (orange)

0 dB (blue)

- 2, - 4 (blue)

- 6, - 8, -10, -14, -18, -22, -26, -30, -36, -42 dB (green)

Ps; notice

- blue light from -4 to 0dB familiar to digital.

- increase from -42 to -30 (6dB), from -30 to -10 (4db), from -10 to clip (2db)


I hope this suggestion will find a way to your new product and concept department.

Best regards,

Patrick Mohr, Miami Beach, Florida, USA.


Please; add your comment & approval, I know as Dj or Recording engineer; You will agree with me.


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Overdrive, same as warp speed, but it transforms you into justin bieber in no time

dtm 0 votes
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100% , Very good idea, I own a DJM-5000.

Those analogue vu-meter design are antique and not appropriate to digital and usb.!

Boris Huber 0 votes
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I will make a product suggestion, but before doing it; i want to get opinions, such as color or just if it is a good idea... so far 2 People found this helpful... :-(   

patrick 0 votes
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