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Head phones quiet, explanation of mixing dial.


   Whilst playing with my DJM-900 and trying to cue in via headphones, I noticed the volume is not that loud, level is maxed out, as I understand it master volume does not change it? But each trim channel will, not wanting my room too loud, should I turn the speakers down, then increase trim to get headphones louder?

Also I read in the manual the mixing dial (above level dial) is for the monitor? It does alter headphone sound, moving it to master cuts the sound out, is this intentional, me misunderstanding? It would be a cool feature to be able to alter headphone playing/cueing/master.




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keep your master at one level and trims just bouncing under the red on each track

keep the cue light just under the balance active at all times then switch between the two channles you are mixing with.

this is what works for me :)

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