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DJM-700 Ch4 Fader Triggers Effect Button

Hi Guys, 

So horrible luck guys. I bought the DJM700 off a local dj here in So Cal. Unit had some cosmetic damage but worked great so I decided to snatch it up because the price was right. 

I used it for most of the night last night no problems what so ever. Even shut it off and on a couple of times and all was great. I put the unit in my backpack and take it home from my friends. The next day i had set everything up as i did last time and all of a sudden, I noticed the Ch4 volume fader would trigger the effects section of the djm. If i put the Ch4 fader up past 7, it will engage the effect button and the effect will be on (button will blink). I can turn the effect off via the effect button or i can slide the fader down and back up to past 7 to disengage it. It's as if the effects section had a fader start mapped to channel 4. 


Anyway, its not detrimental, i can still used everything except Ch4 ... I just have no idea what caused this. Anybody have any ideas? The fader does feel a little more solid than the rest. Maybe it was pushed in and broke a solder point. 


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