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DJM700 Leaking Faders and failing X-fade select Switch

Hey Guys, 


Ive had this problem for about 6 months now, and can't put up with it anymore. Basically DJM700, couple years old. Treated very well, developed leaking faders, where the volume leaks through even when the fader is down, this happened at the same time on 2 channels, and also at the same time the X-fade select Switch, seemed to not matter which setting it was on, always chose the middle setting, as in never had a sharp curve, required for scratching. 

Some channels, when selected to use the cross fade, cause the crossfader to bleed when pushed to the opposite side, similar to channel faders.


I have read on a couple other forums a few people have this problem, but no fixes. It's more likely not a case of my faders being worn out, As when the problem started it was intermittent and has had very minimal use over its life. Some days it would decide to act this way, and other days not. a few months ago the problem became chronic. 

Do you guys have any fixes to this, any way i can maybe update the firmware, i could take it to the authorised pioneer servicer in our town, but don't have a lot of disposable $$ atm, so thort id check on here :)


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@Matt > Sorry, we can't provide any technical support for fear you may damage the unit or, worse, hurt yourself.

I'm afraid our only advice would be to contact the authorised repair centre in your area.

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