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Help on upgrades

Hi guys, Iv had my set up about 6 months now and starting to get better. Started to get good at beat matching etc..
My question is what should I look to include in my set up next. Iv been looking at traktor, serato, korg, midi etc and I am very confused on which road to go down.
At the minute I have got 2 x pioneer cdj 1000 mk2 and a djm 600 mixer,
I want to be able to do more that just straight forward mixing, I general like music such as house, tech house and minimal...
I'm not really clued up in what I need for what.
Any advice would be great on what to buy and also what features I could do with then and ten what add ins I could also get.
At the minute I'm watching a serato sl1 on eBay.


Perry McShane

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There's no cut and dry answer to your question. Every DJ is different and has their different tastes and requirements.

There's some great equipment out there like the CDJ2000s / 900s and DJM2000 / 900. Each have their own unique functions and can lend creative control to the DJ.

Test out as much equipment as you can before you buy, Download any free trials of software and demo hardware at your local DJ store.

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