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Microsoft Kinect + Dancers = ?

So i have an idea that ive been thinking about for a couple months now. It involves a Microsoft Kinect device, a projector with visuals and an effect box, stand alone or otherwise.

The idea is to have the Kinect in an obvious place or not so obvious depending on how flashy you want it to be. If a dancer or patron were to move in front of the device, the visuals could react with them. For example, the fast or more complex the person is, the crazier the visuals could be.

My idea further expanded to include an FX box. The effect could be monitored so that it wouldnt be disruptive or distracting during a key moment in a song, but the idea would be the same as above. Pehaps different movements could trigger different effects and the intensity could be based on the movement of the dancer too. Or one parameter could be controlled by the DJ while the other is controlled by the person.

I havent gotten a chance to really test it, but im posting this idea for fun. Perhaps im late on this idea, and maybe someone has already done this, but seeing as how im new to these forums, I figured it could be a good conversation starter for me.


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Sounds like fun! Let me know how this hack works out for you!

Welcome to the forums!

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