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Got my hands on some new stuff...

So today I was at an electronic store searching for the HDJ-1500k , After looking arround in the headphone section no succes so i walked to the other end of the store and there it was , A Huge Rack thingy , Carbords screaming out PIONEERDJ and then there was this white set CDJ-350's , a DJM-350 and the s05's in white , I felt like the king the cdj's and such where turned on.

I usually have my two usb's in my money holder thingy <- whatever it is on english.. So out of nothing i threw up the volume and start doing my thing there , some people appear and i got a few crowds =D , after that i went away..


After having my hands on the 350's i got to say they feel more solid then the 400's and are quite awesome for their price range.

The djm 400 is also a nice piece of gear , but as with the DJM-700 I preffer colour FX on each seperate channel (Like the DJM2000/900/850/800)


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