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how to start ?

hey guys

1-right now Im learning Steinberg Cubase but question is do I have to learn it or not ? I m planning to be a dj but stuck with this question should I learn it or get a dj set u know cd player,mixer,...  and use music that created by other peoples? what should I do? skip Cubase and increase my music library and get a dj set or learn the Cubase then buy a dj set ?

2-my favorite style is club . how can I be sure that music Im creating is club style ? 

3-another question is do djs like Tiesto , Aligator , Van buuren,.... create their own music or they mix other music?

Mohammad Heshmati

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Cubase is more of a digital audio workstation that allows you to record, edit and arrange music more than DJ.

I'd invest in some hardware to get you started. Perhaps you might consider the CDJ / DJM 350 setup or even the 850 setup if you can stretch your budget that far.

We've no way of telling you if the music you are creating will be suitable for a club. What is club music in your area? Ultimately, you, as the DJ, will decided what club music is - its the DJ that is creating and catering to the musical tastes.

Yes, big name DJs play tracks that they have produced themselves as well as other artists tracks.

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