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BPM 2012 rumors/gossip/guilty admissions...

Come on, chaps! Give those of us who couldn't go some juicy news!

The Rohypnol must have worn off by now, surely?!


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All in all, it was our most successful BPM show yet. We'd a great many number of people filter through our stage and come to see our acts - Kissy Sellout and Zane Lowe attracted huge audiences. I really enjoyed sets by Jordan Suckley and Dan Tait. And it just so happened that Marshall Jefferson dropped by to say hello and laid down a set for 30 or so minutes.

Here's Marshall and I:

Thanks to everyone that dropped by the stand and picked my brains for a bit. It was fun! And to all those that I promised I would get more information for and answer your questions, I promise I'll get to you really soon.

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