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A Small Change To The Forums

Hey Pionerds,

The other mods and I have proposed a small change to the workings of this forum that should make life a lot easier for everyone.

Zendesk, the software which powers this community, has a wonderful ticketing system of which we are not taking full advantage. In order to facilitate a swift response to all users, our proposal is that once a question / problem has been posted by a user, then subsequently addressed to the satisfaction of the original poster by other users or Pioneer representatives, that thread will be closed.

TL:DR - User posts question; user gets answer; user is happy; thread closed.

This will only apply to the Pioneer Gear and Software sections of the forum - which is for PROBLEMS only. The Lounge area will remain open for DISCUSSION at all times.

So why the change?

Well, we're currently dealing with thousands of posts every day. Sometimes, one user may piggyback on to another users problem - sometimes the problems are related, sometimes they aren't. In either scenario, it becomes more difficult for us to ensure every user's queries or problems are addressed. Implementing this change will facilitate the workflow of the mods and engineers, ensuring no user goes unnoticed.

Some "forum" this is!

Like I said above, this change will only apply to the Pioneer Gear and Software sections of the forum. The Lounge area has an accommodating amount of sub-forums that will remain open and enable discussion on whatever topic you choose.

The Bottom Line

We often have our ups and downs but, truthfully, I love having you all here - we have good discussions and talk about future changes / ideas. This change is purely focussed on addressing each and every users problem and I'd encourage you all, with any form of DJ related question, to check out the Lounge area.

If you have any questions about the proposed change or would like to provide some feedback, just let me know in the comments.




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