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Need Help with new set up

So Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this question and if its not please direct me to the right place to do so. Basically I am a 2 year experienced DJ used controllers and such up to this point and etc. But now I know the next step is to upgrade to CDJS! Basically my ideal set up is going to be 2 Pioneer CDJ 900's a mixer of some sort might get a pioneer if I can find a good price and of course a Rane SL 2 box. but here is my question... I saw that you guys were going to cancel software updates for Scratch Live and come out with a new Serato Dj update and I thought ok that's fine but then I see that the new update wont support 900's.. So im not quite sure what to do any advice?


Shane Feldman-scarr

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